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$5 Reward - Test. (GMAIL USERS ONLY) is looking for testers

Part of the testing family

$5 Reward - Test. (GMAIL USERS ONLY), V 0.6.1

Developed by eggoc b.v.

We like to get some general feedback on how and when people (like to) use the app. Install, log in, play with it, go nuts....and let us know what we need to work on! Happy testing! Thanks so much!!!

*** GMAIL USERS ONLY *** (!) requires TestFlight to install. (!) as mentioned you will need to login with a gmail-address. The app won't run with any other type of email. Better luck next time, promise! Upon login your purchases list will be compiled. It might take however some minutes for it to be fully ready, so please check in again after a while.


Male & Female

18-99 years old

iOS 6.0 - 12.1.3

iPhone, iPad

All corners of the world

22 people are testing this app. Join them!

  Available 6 February - 16 February